Ministry of H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Prosper Eternally)

Ministry of H.O.P.E. was initially named La Casa de la Hope and operated from a small building on the south side of Tucumari around the year 2000. It was slated to be closed in 2008 when Doyle Frasier accepted an invitation to help them “catch up” for a couple of weeks. Doyle’s still trying to “catch up” some fourteen years later as its Manager where he dedicates many hours each week and organizes volunteers to handle all aspects of the business.

The Ministry of H.O.P.E. is a faith-based ministry located at 105 E. Railroad Avenue in a 5,000 square foot building, just east of our Historic Railroad Depot, here in town. Residents in need are able to visit once a month and receive food, five items of clothing for each family member and small household items free of charge. Nothing at Ministry of H.O.P.E. is sold. It’s run entirely by volunteers which number around 15 each Tuesdayand Thursday, all of whom are cross-trained in multiple jobs. Doyle recounted that he’s never had a volunteer refuse to perform any job that he's assigned to them …. however, a couple might have occasionally frowned at their assignment! They average around 6,000+ volunteer hours every year.

Fraiser Doyle, Nelda Burson

Doyle Fraiser and Nelda Burson 

Due to an increasing need for additional space in 2012, they purchased a second building just to the east at 113 E. Industrial Avenue, replaced the roof, built an office, installed more closets and a new walk-in cooler. This building is currently filling up rapidly and becoming close to capacity. It will soon be paid off.

Separate funds are set up for the purchase of some food, and they buy from local stores as well as the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico, a division of Roadrunner Food Bank in Albuquerque. Food is also received from individuals, most churches, the post office, local restaurants, government surplus produce, civic organizations, and different schools that host food drives to support the ministry. To give you an idea of the volume they provide to those in need, they gave away 66,000 pounds in 2012 and 55,261 pounds in 2013! At the present time, they’re serving 427 households with an average of three people per household located in and around Tucumcari.

Excess clothing, shoes and toys received but which have not been given out within a reasonable amount of time are boxed and transported to Charity Shoes in Dallas for further distribution, both throughout Texas and into Third World countries. In 2012, Ministry of H.O.P.E. sent in excess of 30,000 pounds of clothing, shoes and toys to bless other communities not as fortunate as ours!

Two additional services offered by Ministry which are not so apparent, but highly valued and appreciated, are their assistance to struggling travelers by providing gas, motel rooms and bus tickets, plus their annual partnership with Lowe’s Market and Subway to supply all school supplies for children from pre-kindergarten through 5th Grade here in Tucumcari. Obviously, this organization is much, much more than a food and clothing ministry.

Ministry of H.O.P.E. is funded totally by donations, both monetary and including other items such as clothing, household items and food. They sincerely appreciate any and all donations and are extremely thankful for the support that our community provides to them … and they want everyone to know that you’re welcome to drop by and see for yourself the love of Christ which offers HOPE to all!

I’m sure you’ll all agree that Ministry of H.O.P.E. is a shining example of people helping people, and an organization that we can all be proud to support.

Published April 2017

Love's Appliance

Is there anyone who’s lived in Tucumcari for more than a year who doesn’t know about long-time, successful, downtown business Love’s Appliance?  If you haven’t heard about this terrific company it’s high time that you drive to their store located at 117 S. 2nd Street and meet the two wonderful folks who own and run it … Ray and Norma Love.

Their company started as a repair facility next door to their current location.  About 1978 they were approached by Whirlpool to become a Self-Servicing Dealer when the prior company’s sales representative was going out of business.  They purchased their existing showroom building, which was originally built in the 1930’s as a bakery, began renovating both the building and remodeling the upstairs apartment, and started their long career as Love’s Appliance.

As Norma says, “We started this business by faith, and continue to run it by faith!”  You realize very quickly when speaking with her that everything they do and say reflects their devotion to Christ. They’ve learned to not spend a lot of time worrying about the ups and downs of small business ownership because they simply turn all their concerns over to the Lord and allow Him to take care of them.  They sell and service three manufacturer’s:  SpeedQueen, Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid, and on occasion will service other brands … although Ray prefers not to do so!  Norma’s quick to point out that they price every appliance in the store to be very, very competitive with the “big box stores”.

Their normal business hours are Monday thru Friday.  And one way that they serve the Lord is through the Bus Ministry that Norma’s devoted to on Friday’s, where she’s adopted around 20 homes in the city and goes into the community to attract children to their church … the church bus picks them up and drops them back off after the service! Their personal dedication to their church and Lord is apparent in the way they live their lives.

The appliance industry seems to be a family business as well.  Their son Buddy owns and operates Love’s Appliance in Dalhart, and son Bryan works as a premier service technician for General Electric in McKinney, Texas.  I guess when you’re raised around and work in this industry, you make a career of it.  And as Norma says, there’s nothing else she’d rather be doing – Certainly not anything as radical as retiring!  They recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and actually took several well deserved weeks off to vacation in Alaska …

I would encourage you to stop by and get to know this downtown mainstay business, and the two truly inspirational people who own and operate it, Ray and Norma Love.  You’ll be very glad you did!

Published Jan 2017 Newsletter

Mesa Counseling

When you first walk into the modest offices of Mesa Counseling, you think you're entering someone's home living room with a large screen TV, comfortable chairs and toys for young kids.  Then you're offered a bottle of water or cup of coffee and you begin to realize that this is a comfortable place to be.  Once you meet Dave Crain, the founder of Mesa, with his easy-going demeanor and large selection of stories, you realize that this organization is special - friendly, unassuming, a place of healing for you or a member of your family.

Sooner or later you'll also meet Missy, Dave's "therapy dog", who'll eventually jump into your lap and make sure that you pet her.  You now fully realize that this is a very special place that's available to help anyone in Tucumcari who needs it.

Dave bought this house at 102 E. High Street about 15 years ago after it had experienced an interior fire.  There wasn't enough damage to create structural problems, but it needed extensive repair.  He went to work renovating the living room, bedroom and bathroom at night and on weekends, moving his practice into the newly completed rooms.  Where many people might hire a contractor or just do the final touches on a project of this magnitude, Dave decided to join the adjacent workshop east of this house and rehabilitate every room in this building as well until he had enough room to attract and provide office space for the five therapists and a psychiatrist that contract their services to his organization.

He's recently acquired another 100-year old adobe constructed house at 110 E. High where he continues to rehabilitate both the interior and exterior of this building as well.  But the one thing you have to understand about this man is that anything he does, he does with care and love. You can immediately see he loves helping his clients...he loves fixing up his office buildings ...and he loves living in Eastern New Mexico and working in the downtown district of Tucumcari MainStreet.  We're awfully happy to have him here in our city because of this!

So if you have a little extra time, drop by Mesa Counseling and say "Hi" to Missy and Missy's owner, Dave Crain as well.  You'll feel better for doing it!

Published April 2016 newsletter

Historic Odeon Theatre 


Patience is a virtue, and as Christy Dominguez and Robert Lopez waited for the LEDA funding to arrive from New Mexico Main Street in order to replace the roof on their Historic Odeon Theatre, their patience was certainly tested!  But it did arrive several weeks ago and work was started in late June to remove their existing roof, make repairs to the under-structure, and begin the tedious task of sealing everything prior to installing the final silicone coasting that will protect this Tucumcari landmark for the next 50 years.

Now that the new roof, minus the silicone coat has been installed it's time to wait for a really good rainstorm to make a final check for any remaining leaks. If some leaks are still present, seal them all and wait for the next rainstorm, which shouldn't take long during our Monsoon Season. If everything is sealed and dry, then they'll apply the silicone coating to finish all the exterior roof replacement. 

Then, the work really make all needed repairs to the interior of the theatre.  Repair and paint the ceiling, repaint the floor where there has been damage to the finish, and do everything necessary to refurbish seating and the screen.

Christy informed us that all should be completed within the next two months and everything will be in top condition throughout the building.  We would like to congratulate both Christy and Robert for all that they've accomplished in rehabilitating this important structure within the Tucumcari MainStreet District, as well as recognize their patience in getting all this work completed.

Shouldn't we all stop by and catch a movie so we can personally congratulate them?

Published July 2016 Newsletter

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